The Special Gift

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of exactly what matters in life. The special gift I received during The Miraculous Journey is exactly that—a daily reminder of how much I am loved. This was the final piece of the puzzle. The one little, center-jigsaw piece that does not fit anywhere until it just does!

Every path in our life begins with the thoughts we feed. The mind is a powerful decisive part of every path we choose.

Experiences = Perceptions = Beliefs.

My special gift could be looked upon by some as just a little trinket. Or we can choose to see just how very special the significance of this gift is and explore the questions that can arise from the curiosity ignited in this part of The Miraculous Journey—a masterful orchestration by a power we often do not realize is at work in our life. I see the special gift as a clear, urgent message of significance. An absolute miracle. A Day Made in Heaven.

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The Miraculous Journey

The Miraculous Journey

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  1. Laura on April 29, 2020 at 6:25 am

    I was 7 years old in 1980. My mom worked at the bank downtown Radford with Mr Epperly ‘s mother. She was the banks cook. Everyone said she was the nicest lady you would ever want to meet. She told the ladies at the bank, if he did do this and I believe he did, he deserves whatever he gets. Epperly ‘s mother said he pushed her so hard up against the refrigerator she had hearing loss in that ear. She told one lady she was scared of him. My mom and family talked about this so much I had nightmares every night and my mom ended up sleeping with me. After I read under the trestle I just wanted to get a group together and start searching! My sister n law works at Radford police station. She worked there during this time and told us a few stories. A lot of my girlfriends after reading the book have talked about we would love to get a group of women together and dig through all the evidence together. I think that was the problem no women on the case! LOL This is near and dear to so many! In God’s timing she will be found. I will pray God will give you the knowledge, strength, and piece to Carry onto find Gina and bring her home! In Jesus name! Aman

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