The Special Gift

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of exactly what matters in life. The special gift I received during The Miraculous Journey is exactly that—a daily reminder of how much I am loved. This was the final piece of the puzzle. The one little, center-jigsaw piece that does not fit anywhere until it just does!

Every path in our life begins with the thoughts we feed. The mind is a powerful decisive part of every path we choose.

Experiences = Perceptions = Beliefs.

My special gift could be looked upon by some as just a little trinket. Or we can choose to see just how very special the significance of this gift is and explore the questions that can arise from the curiosity ignited in this part of The Miraculous Journey—a masterful orchestration by a power we often do not realize is at work in our life. I see the special gift as a clear, urgent message of significance. An absolute miracle. A Day Made in Heaven.

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