Meet the Author, Motivational Speaker, and Photography Enthusiast

The Miraculous Journey

Dlana Hall Bodmer

Dlana Hall Bodmer has a story to tell...a true story that simply must be shared! So...who is Dlana?

Dlana likes to say her claim to fame is her two sons! She and her husband love traveling to new and exciting places with their family and spending time in nature. Her rescue dogs Rubén and Ollie and cats Jack and Rocko hold a special place in her heart. Dlana’s most favorite thing to do—snowboarding with her sons whooshing through the fresh powdery snow and a close second—eating!! She loves to discover the hidden gems sharing delicious, savoring meals with her family.

Dlana has spent half of her life owning a business that provides a service to others. Her achievements have often led to requests from the business community to share and teach her methods of success. Now, Dlana serves an expanded audience by sharing an extraordinary journey that has no boundaries. Listen. Learn. Love.

Dlana has always lived life to its fullest! Despite a few bumps in the road, normalcy defined her everyday life—that is until age fifty-seven when her world was turned upside down, inside out. Dlana’s Miraculous Journey gives new meaning to Living Life to Its Fullest. Now, Dlana is committed to sharing The Miraculous Journey. Profiting on her sister’s murder is not the objective—the light of Gina’s life is and always will be. Dlana believes one of the purposes of her life is to share the compelling concepts interwoven throughout The Miraculous Journey.

Dlana and her husband Buz reside in the small town of Lebanon, Virginia, nestled in the beautiful mountains of Appalachia America.

The Miraculous Journey

Speaking Engagements With Dlana Hall Bodmer

Dlana is focused on inspiring others. Through her genuine, down-to-earth, tell-it-like-it-is, forthright speaking style, she will have you laughing, crying, smiling, and ready to start on your own journey. Dlana can customize her presentations to focus on specific areas for varying target audiences. Her talks can be flexible for groups of all sizes, and her message is universal, whether in North America or abroad.

Intriguing topics of interest can arise from Dlana’s experiences. From Forgiveness to Forensics, Dlana is an open book when it comes to The Miraculous Journey and its multi-layered, multi-purposed messages. She is available to speak to an unlimited range of people —women or men, young or old —such as any group wanting to hear a motivational speaker, students, people in the criminal law field, cold case investigators, paranormal or supernatural enthusiasts, traditional church groups or atheists. No audience is too big or too small, too skeptical, too spiritual, or too religious, or can have too many questions because Dlana seeks to educate as well as entertain her listeners.

If nothing else, Dlana is approachable. She has spent a lifetime being a thought-provoking teacher of others. Providing simple explanations for complex concepts is her gift. Through open Q & A, engaged audience members can expand their own understanding of The Miraculous Journey—its complete purpose still yet to be discovered together. Dlana’s experiences will be seriously contemplated, curiosity will be ignited, hearts will be opened, and the result will be a light shining like a beacon in our world—one person at a time.

For inquiries regarding events and public relations, please contact:
Dlana Hall Bodmer
PO Box 3333
Lebanon, VA 24266


For inquiries regarding events and public relations, please contact

DHB LLC, Dlana Hall Bodmer , PO Box 3333, Lebanon, VA 24266