Finding Gina

May 19, 2016

After decades of peace, A Quest for Truth began for Dlana Hall Bodmer, sister of Gina Renee Hall brutally murdered in 1980 by Stephen M. Epperly.

A New, disturbing dismemberment lead reported in 2016 to Radford Police Department pulled Gina’s sister Dlana back into the web of lies surrounding Gina's murder. It was 1980 all over again for Dlana. “What emerged was an unwavering desire to know the truth.” Dlana said she could not calm her eastern Kentucky heritage that raged from within, the quiescent warrior awakened, fiercely erupting after having been dormant for decades.

Dlana’s extraordinary experiences in 2016-2017 became a book of miracles — TheMiraculous Journey: A Day Made in Heaven.

...and the journey continues....

October 30, 2019

“Why, after all we now know, would the same old story still be surfacing-a story given to authorities by Gina Renee Hall’s killer and then repeated still today by various “sources” ....a composed story that Gina left the Marriott to go to that lake house happy and willingly. Will Gina’s True Story ever be heard —Gina’s voice?”

Dlana’s phone, text, and emails have increased significantly from people concerned because others are repeatedly telling that old story, publicly. During a recent RU presentation of Under the Trestle - a book that recaps the old 1980 story, discontent surfaced amongst those who know Gina’s true story. Gina’s advocates sent Dlana recordings wanting her to know exactly what was being said about her sister... that Gina danced with him...their story. That she left with him...their story. Kim Jett’s statement given to the police in 1980 - known about, yet ignored... This is certainly a lesson in humanity and how pride and ego can rule over common sense....Gina was taken against her will, but her story conflicts with “the 1980 composed story” that originated from the mouth of her killer and best friend. Crime podcasts, news articles, tv shows, books, etc. continue to repeat and even embellish that “old 1980 composed story”. The Hall family has always been grateful for the successful conviction of Gina’s killer and all who helped secure justice. They understood that without Gina’s physical body to completely tell her side of the night’s event, the story had to be built from what was known. They understood the necessity to use the killer’s own statements as the foundation for the storyline even though the beginning of that story, told by him and his best friend, did not align with Gina’s character. What was known beyond a doubt is the story that the multitude of circumstantial evidence told, especially the abundant evidence gathered from the murder scene inside the lake house that painted a clear picture of what happened to Gina Hall. Throughout the decades, that composed story has been sensationalized to an even more embellished account that dishonors the victim, which inadvertently minimizes the Truth of what her killer really is -a serial rapist, and still to be known - a serial killer. The Truth must become known For Gina and for all of the other victims whose voice is still yet to be heard.

November 6, 2019

While working on finishing the second book - Web of Lies: A Day Made In Hell, Dlana met a very resourceful person who helped her find some interesting details needed to fill in some of the blanks .... this person is associated with historical research, including criminal research work with others including connecting the pieces of the Manson murders where he met Paul Dotsie, highly respected in his field. He asked Paul if he could help Dlana. Paul sent a straightforward response... “If Dlana wants to Find Gina, she needs to contact Dr. Arpad Vass.” So Dlana did exactly that and one month later, Nov. 6, Dlana and her husband drove to Tennessee to meet with Arpad Vass, Ph.D. Dlana knew as soon as she met Dr. Vass that they would work well together. He is a kind, caring, humble man. His heart is full of goodness. He cares about people like the Hall family who do not have complete closure...Dlana knew his instrument was not understood by most, and that she had been prepared for this part of the journey ....during the journey.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

-Nicola Tesla

For over 15 years I have been trying to understand this quote. This effort has led to the development of the Quantum Oscillator. This hand-held instrument isolates and amplifies the natural resonant (vibrational) frequency of virtually any object or material. This frequency is then directed outward into the environment using a directional antennae. When it encounters an object with a similar frequency (essentially what you are looking for) it excites the molecules in that object in a manner similar to how a pulsed laser can excite objects. The ‘artificially’ excited molecules then begin vibrating at a slightly higher state and at a slightly higher frequency. This frequency, emitted from the object, is then picked up by a receiving antennae in the Quantum Oscillator. Since the frequency emitted and the frequency received are slightly different, an electromagnetic field between the two antennae helps compensate for this offset in frequencies. As the two frequencies attempt to align, the Quantum Oscillator sets up a standing wave oscillation which indicates the positive detection of the object you are looking for.
Arpad Vass, Ph.D.

“Dr. Vass has spent a lifetime in research and his resume shows it. He is a good man helping many. His patented instrument will be a world changer when the system comes to realize its capabilities. I believe this instrument will not only help with criminal cases, especially cold cases, but could help prevent crime. Imagine the moment a child is lost or abducted, and an instrument has the ability to find that child before their life is lost. That is a world we all need.”

Dlana Hall Bodmer

November 20, 2019

Photo of a sky with a light shining up from below

Dlana begins “The Process of Finding Gina and Bringing Her Remains Home”.

Collective Prayer is requested by Dlana of Gina’s Advocates through The Miraculous Journey-Gina Renee Hall Facebook page:

I have a genuine request—I believe in the power of prayer —s✝ ronger✝ oge✝ her. I am asking you to pray throughout Thurs & Fri that God’s WILL be done: Lord, If it be Your Will - please Guide Dlana. Protect her— in Jesus name, Amen

If we have success in this quest, To God Be The Glory. His timeline. His plan.

November 21-22

“I brought him to Va....” A message those who have read Dlana’s book will understand. Dr. Arpad Vass, a brilliant man with an amazing instrument joins Dlana in her quest for truth. Two days of intense work leads to answers.

An excerpt from a news article, which can be read in full on the News and Events page, provides details:

Dlana brought Dr. Arpad Vass, a forensic anthropologist to Virginia to help her. To begin to find Gina’s remains, Dlana first took the doctor to a high point in Pulaski County. From there they followed each positive signal until they zeroed in within feet of each relevant place. There have been ten places found that are a familial match to Gina. Eight of these places were detected from Draper Mountain. Another was found during a drive to check another location in the Blacksburg area. Six of these eight confirmed locations also register for human Caucasian bone in the same, exact place. A location could also register positive simply by a drop of Gina’s blood, an animal scatter, shards of bone from dismemberment, or a single knocked out tooth, so it may not be that all eight places are actual Epperly burial sites, but places where something of Gina could be found.

“We will know the significance once we have excavated all of the locations, sifted all of the dirt and find exactly what is registering as Gina’s organic matter.”

Dlana’s knowledge of Gina’s case helped her to understand the relevance of these locations that registered positive. Four of the places would never have been found without the help of the doctor. And, some of the other positive places they were already close to in 2016. Dlana does not count the lake house where Gina was murdered in the eight locations, even though that area registered as a strong hit from the top of DRAPER mountain. Dlana still took Dr. Vass to the community dock at Claytor Lake to scan the lake and land across the lake from the murder site. As he faced the lake and turned to complete his 360 degree scan as he always does, Dlana described that as he turned to the left the instrument responded significantly to the lake house for Gina’s DNA (no bone). Dlana elaborated, “Yes, it is a recognizable place and we already know what happened there in that lake house from the multitude of evidence, but of great interest to me was when the instrument identified the exact corner of the lake house that strongly registered positive for Gina. I was there in 1980 and I knew the relevance of his accuracy.” Dlana has suggested to the authorities that that utility room would still be a great forensic training operation in finding not only Gina’s DNA, which will always be there, but also potentially other victims’ DNA. Dlana explained the basis of this belief in chapter 18 of “The Miraculous Journey: A Day Made In Heaven.” And, the HRD dogs undoubtedly would also prove most interesting.

After the eight “Gina” locations were narrowed down, Dlana then took the Dr. to the vicinity of every place ever rumored or reported as potential hidden burial sites for Gina - approximately 50 places were scanned and all were negative.

Dlana said, “I want to help other families have the peace I now have just by knowing the truth. I believe Epperly is a serial killer who followed the same ritualistic patterns for at least four years and I hope that we will learn more about his crimes against other victims. And not only his crimes, but also the crimes of others. The possibilities of this instrument is challenged by some, but Dlana believes it is a tool and a man blessed by God.”

November 25, 2019

Dlana was out in the woods in Radford when she received a text from VINE—Virginia’s Parole Notification system - Victim Information Notification Everyday—Epperly was denied parole on Nov 8, 2019. So Dlana called to see why he had had another hearing since in 2018 parole was denied and deferred until 2nd quarter 2021 (max of three years). Seems Epperly also now gets to request parole through the geriatric appeal process (age 65+). Fortunately, he was denied and geriatric was also deferred three years. So 2021 and 2022. Time is ticking. “We must find the other victims.”

December 2019

Gina Hall

“After we determined Gina’s positive locations in November 2019, we surmised that it would be beneficial to have a sample of another potential victim to cross reference. I made contact with Angela Rader’s brother securing a familial sample. Angela disappeared from Roanoke in February 1977. We then went back to DRAPER Mountain - a high point in Pulaski County where we started the process for searching for Gina’s remains, doing the same for Angela. Two of the positive hits were in the same vicinity within a mile or two of Gina’s organic marker sites - both remote areas. Dlana thinks these locations will point to other findings as well. One of the three locations was a short distance up-creek from the location Epperly was witnessed to have dismembered Gina early Sunday morning...near a place Epperly calls “sacred”.

January 15-17, 2020

While planning and coordinating the schedules, landowner permissions, etc for the “Cadaver Dog Day”, Dlana felt someone “official” might want to be there to witness the transpiring activity. Dlana asked the state authorities to send someone to be present. They chose not to join us. It is unfortunate that the Hall family has never really asked for help from Virginia authorities since 1980 and that the answer Dlana received was - “NO. We will not be out with you this weekend - we ran it up the ladder to Richmond and the answer is no because....”. And, some other disrespectful comments were made. “I did not get angry! I know the journey is God’s plan and I accept whatever comes my way...I prayed that if that “expert in the eyes of others” is necessary to be there with us, then Lord please send that person my way...and wallah!!!” The “unofficial, yet very experienced” person came through my door to meet me two days later. As I shed a tear or two, he shared with me that he has felt convicted to help on Gina’s case ever since 1984!!! God never let go of his spirit! And every moment since then, he has had a caring connection to Gina that never left him - so a new friend came to be there with us and witness the dogs’ successes! How wonderful that there are so many good people who want to help and thank you to so many who also were there with us in prayer!!!

January 24, 2020

“It is time. We are at the tipping point of the journey. I am sincerely asking for three days of united prayers - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - together as a powerful, collective force. Prayers...not just for finding my sister Gina’s hidden remains so we can bring her home after four decades...Prayers not just for proof of the truth of Gina’s last moments here on earth....But also Prayers to “validate” the new technology I witnessed in November- a complex instrument that could change the world we all live in!”

January 25, 2020

A black dog (one of the cadaver dogs)

A cadaver dog and a professional in the search location

After each location was identified, Dlana brought in the best certified Human Remains Detection canines in the country-one dog specifically trained in older cadaver. The HRD dogs helped confirm all of Dr. Vass’ positively identified “ Gina” areas, and more...other victims. The next step...dig.

“I finally have answers” - the truth is now also validated by certified HRD canines (human remains detection).

Simple thoughts to ponder...Gina’s decomposed Remains will always have her DNA left behind in that surrounding dirt. If Epperly buried a dismembered “hand” in the vastness of a 1000 acre hunting farm 40 years Ago, an exact spot I believe even he could not identify today especially considering he might confuse which victim he put where, then how could we zero in on a remote place, not even understanding at first the relevance of that specific identified place, asking ourselves - “why in the world here???” Until we go and get Bob, the ex brother-in-law and take him to the sites. A man who knew Epperly as a family member and a hunting companion. Then we understood the
relevance and the “why here”. Bob shared that that specific area was one of Epperly’s favorite 1000 acre hunting grounds — now, forty years later the land is subdivided to various owners. So in that exact place that we discovered when we followed a positive hit on Gina from the Pulaski County mountain overlook, following the trail one mile at a time-yards, feet-zeroing in on Gina’s exact location. of eight that tested positive for Gina’s Organic matter by use of Dr.Vass’ amazing instrument that works by resonance frequency which is unique only to Gina using familial organic matter, landing in a remote place in the woods in the middle of nowhere that ends up being one of Epperly’s favorite childhood hunting grounds.

The Peace River Human Remains Detection Dogs not only confirmed and validated Gina’s identified sites, but also confirmed another suspected victim whose familial match was positive in two of the same vicinities where Gina’s organic marker registered. An identified place near the remote valley.

Time was allocated to take the dogs to the nearby area that registered positive for Angela Rader. Interestingly, the dogs not only confirmed the possible location of the second victim’s burial place, but also alerted at three other clandestine graves - places of interest nearby—Cadaver dogs doing what cadaver dogs do—Detect human remains.

January 26, 2020

An area being excavated

Soil in a wheel barrow

After the dogs confirmed, we tediously excavate the identified, confirmed, and validated spot and we find fragments of human bone right there in that same place in the middle of this remote 1000 acres where there is no reason to have remnants of human Caucasian bone.
That is the power of this instrument.

Hazel Hollow Road. Claytor Dam Road. The dismemberment site at Meadow Creek. Burial sites like the one I call the Psalms 23 Valley—the 1000 acre hunting farm, And three other locations of significance.

“Our search has been long and will continue to be long as we begin to sift through forty years of dirt and mud for fragments of Gina’s bones. The first site to be excavated is a place I call the Psalms 23 valley.”

February 5, 2020

A typewritten conversation

Steve Epperly, 4 days after the murder

Unfortunately, there are still those who continue to repeat the murderer’s composed story as fact- a story that describes what many believe defined Gina’s last moments in this world- that story composed by Gina’s murderer and his friend - the untruthful story where Epperly says Gina told her sister that “she was WITH Steve and she would be home shortly”. A one sided story from a murderer’s voice - his lies - his story becoming her story. That in itself should cause everyone to shake their head and question why would anyone have ever taken the killer’s statement as fact? Or, the best friend...Often facts can be true, but are still not The TRUTH.

Many continue to rewrite Gina’s sister Dlana’s court testimony which never changed from the moment Dlana awoke on Sunday morning to the trial in December. This is a copy of the actual transcribed court testimony —the exact words exchanged between Gina and her sister. When actual court recordings are listened to, it is very clear the words exact meaning. The startled confusion in the inflection of Dlana’s voice when Dlana asked Gina where she was and who she was with - surprised to hear her answer that she had gone somewhere else - then expecting her to answer that maybe she was with a group of friends at a party or something, which from the line of questioning and Dlana’s and others’ testimony, clearly was portrayed as out of character for Gina... the Truth is we should all give Gina credit for doing everything she could to give us clues in her specific, calculated short answers as to where she had been taken. And, most importantly, she bravely gave us the one name of her captor she had overheard. Her last one word - “Steve”....not “with Steve”.

Dlana says, “I have forgiven Gina’s murderer because he is a sick, evil man. I see it in his eyes. I am still working on forgiving others and their ignorance in continuing to degrade Gina’s honor - her life and who she was - continuing to ignore facts from the trial like my own testimony which is very clear on what was said or the testimony of the man who helped me search for Gina and found the car who stated clearly in court he would ‘never forget the broken drivers-inside door strap handle’. But it all just continues to be ignored. How can we disregard police reports made by two women and friends that present a clear, conflicting timeline about what happened to Gina while at the Marriott? How can we continue to repeat that Gina left ‘to be with him.’? We cannot and we should not. Gina was abducted...The Hall family and friends have always known Gina would never have left to “be with a man” as the story went, and most definitely not associated to this stranger, 10 years older than her.

Thank heavens for the discovery of the very relevant “ identified site” that provides answers to our forty years of questioning “How was Gina at the lake house?” Dlana said, “I now have all of the proof I need know exactly how my sister ended up at that lake house. I now know the exact spot where her car pulled over and was blocked in... where she held the car door shut ....where she fought....where she bled -
the cadaver dog validating the exact spot where Gina’s DNA will always be. This is the discovery that gave me the most peace - to know the exact place where Gina was abducted from— 6 miles away from the Marriott Inn validating what we the family always knew to be true—No way in a million years did Gina leave with him....A place of such relevance that I could have never known about, but do now - McCoy Road—the actual abduction site which leads to many more unanswered questions of all involved.

Consider this - Gina was abducted by a rapist known by many locals to ‘impersonate a cop’...Gina was driving home to Radford on the familiar Prices Fork Rd when for some reason she turned right onto McCoy Road pulling the car off into a grassy, wet ditch lined with cattails, the seed pods adhering to the front car grill. Gina held her driver-side door shut with all of her might when she recognized the man approaching her car was not the expected trusted policeman, but instead was the same man who had bothered her earlier inside the Marriott...That certainly could explain the broken door strap and some of the evidence on and in the car that perplexed the police in 1980. Fast food containers, many Marlboro cigarette butts, an orange Tennessee plastic cup, etc...none put there by Gina because she was in the trunk bleeding in various different places on the trunk’s carpet, not just one stationary place.

How many women fell prey to his games? Enough is enough....It is time to release all of the factual information I know in “The True Story of Gina Hall” Videos.
As my sister wrote to me quoting Corinthians 13 just three months before she was murdered: Love... is never glad about Injustice, but rejoices whenever truth wins out.”

So, yes I am at peace with our discoveries, as all of us are who truly care about Finding Gina and Her Truth - Her voice...finally.”

March 4, 2020

Gina Renee Hall’s sister reads the completed version of Under the Trestle for the first time. This is Dlana’s opinion regarding how her sister Gina was portrayed:
An Appalachian author named Tom Fugate said it best - WHAT happens when you put 15 tanks of pure oxygen into a basement full of natural gas... absolutely nothing until there is a spark. Dlana’s spark has always been that composed story. And it ignites every time the lies are repeated and often embellished about her sister.

Page 33 was more than a spark - it was a stick of dynamite ...

Yes, Gina was a beautiful dancer, but to say... that HER dancing stoked the fire of Her killer’s raw instincts... HER DANCING CAUSED IT.... ??? The small town girl did not fully realize How HER dancing would effect a predator... This is Victim Blaming...and it is indicative of a perspective. Gina who dressed conservatively, not that that should even matter, who danced eloquently, a caring person of good character validated by many character witnesses in the court testimony - and many who emphatically stated Gina Hall would have never left with a man...yet the man’s story became the story.

Many versions ignore the multiple other witnesses’ accounts who saw Gina with people and dancing with other people. In my opinion, this specific account sensationalizes the unknown Marriott facts by writing embellished fictional “storylines” purported to be non-fictional.

"After awhile Gina left her table and walked by Epperly catching his eye with her petite beauty...and Gina “eager” to get on the dance floor....".    REALLY?
A continued picture of this perspective is painted by also adding this: “He had the belief that if a woman went on a date with him, or left a bar with him, she was going to ‘put out’ for him. It was a foregone conclusion. One way or the other, either willingly or unwillingly,” says an acquaintance.

This same section of the storyline, page 33, is from a biased account shared in a fashion I personally view as a sensationalized portrayal of what we the Hall family have always known was not the truth...the very reason we would not ever give our seal of approval on any account that portrays only that one sided composed story told by the killer and his buddy. In regards to the original website marketing excerpt, interviews, and presentations “Does Gina Hall’s family support this book project?”, one part is true... I did ask the author to honor Gina and my portray them accurately, tastefully, and fairly without sensationalistic conjecture. And I hoped by visiting with me personally, the author would come to know my sister...really know her and my dad— and understand that Gina deserves her voice to be heard.

Dlana’s decision to release the facts of the case, known and unknown, was sparked by the need to correct the many inaccurate stories that continue to dishonor Gina Renee Hall. A woman who should be hailed as a hero...One sided foundational stories built from a male-only mindset is not only a tolerated reality for women, but for everyone. All good people should stand up for Gina’s honor.

“The True Story of Gina Hall” page has links to the videos.

March 8, 2020

Dlana shared, “Something very sad, but relevant was discovered today ...I hope it will lead to helping another family.”

One night, after a long day in the woods, Dlana planned a late dinner for everyone involved. On the way to Sal’s, She had a thought - “wonder if we should divert over to the street that borders the former Epperly homeplace for a quick two minute scan for Angela”... Just as had been done for Gina in November, Dlana specifically wanted to rule out the shed where the Cadaver dogs alerted in 2018. To Dlana’s shock, there was a positive hit for our second victim Angela, not in the shed, but on the right side of the house where Epperly once lived. In this very incriminating location, both Angela’s organic matter and the presence of human bone registers - both Caucasian and African American were positively detected. “I knew then that the next steps were going to be a challenge.”

Dlana and Angela’s brother Walter Rader met with the Radford police chief, but understandably there had to be  “ cause” for them to investigate. Dlana sent another detailed email to the Va State police headquarter’s contact. ‘I am hopeful this new information will give the authorities something to build upon - if they will act.” Again, Dlana suggested that a forensic exercise would be quite telling for the Epperly homeplace. “I have always known Epperly was a serial killer and more...We could not ignore Angela’s family or forget her. It is time to bring closure to his victims’ families. And there are others who are part of this web of lies even if they do not realize it themselves.” “The more I learn, the longer I delay the release of my second book Web of Lies: A Day Made In Hell. The story is not finished. The Truth is still being unveiled...”

March 9, 2020

Sticks formed into a cross, marking the site

A Facebook post

A valley

“One Burial site excavation complete. Human Bone fragments found. We walked away from the place I call the Psalms 23 Valley leaving behind the small cross we had made in January that marked one of Gina’s burial sites”. The work will continue as we sift through all of these containers of the dirt that identified positive for Gina and sift for human bone. The surrounding dirt will be kept from that excavation that registered positive for Gina’s unique organic matter- her DNA always left behind.”

On this same day, as they prepared to leave this place for the last time, Dlana picked up her phone to take one last picture of the beautiful valley and have a moment of prayer. She had received several texts from Gina’s advocates asking if she had seen the announcement of the Under the Trestle movie deal stating “ The Gina Renee Hall Story”. Unfortunately, this was not good news to learn while saying good bye to Gina’s first excavated Burial site. Dlana knew if a documentary was to be made about Gina’s murder, it should be made with accurate facts, not a storyline based only on the composed story - or a version embellished beyond even that which originated in 1980 from the killer and his best friend. Of concern was the sensationalized Marriott scene that portrays Gina in a non-fictional plot embellished fashion and of an even greater concern is what the Hall family has always dreaded - the lake house and how Gina and that storyline would be portrayed. This was a most disturbing day because Dlana knew it is all out of their control. People can do whatever they want to do - say what they want to say - right or wrong. And this seemed all so very wrong. It is not The Gina Hall Story. “Then, I remembered what I wanted to do before I left - Take a picture to share with my have a moment of good and peace in knowing that part of Gina was found beside the beautiful Psalms 23 Valley - Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me....”

June 2020

Boxes of dirt from the valley

Orange zinnia flowers

Peruvian zinnia

Dlana is asked to release additional information about the progress in finding Gina’s remains and subsequent searches. Also, new case details are being learned about 1980.

Dlana shares that she may have finished transporting the dirt out of the first valley location to their home, but that the even harder, more tedious work lies ahead— “Probably one of the hardest things I have done in my lifetime.”

Once the site is carefully excavated, layer by layer, recording depth and exact location from a Center point, labeling what dirt comes from what section, the containers of dirt are then scanned and sifted using a special light and yellow glasses to find the bone. Once the exact section for bone is pinpointed, more dirt is retrieved from that section to get to the exact place of relevance. Remember, the dogs and the instrument get you close, but you still might be looking at an area where only a hand was buried - 1x1, so you excavate ten times that size around the positive area. With the Instrument, the tons of dirt can be scanned quicker and a yes or a no confirmed to the presence of human bone in that specific container, or a shovel full, or even a handful of dirt in a matter of minutes. So that instrument saves a lot of time helping to determine which dirt to sift to find the tiny fragments of human bone. Dlana actually got to use the instrument herself to scan and separate some of the already excavated dirt she had not yet sifted which will now be done on site at future digs bringing home only the dirt that identifies positive with bone - whether fragments, dust, etc. she will separate and divide until all bone fragments are retrieved. Dlana said that all of the dirt that was brought home identifies positive for Gina (decomposition- DNA always there...) and even if no bone is detected in a part of the dirt, she still saved significant samples so that in time when DNA identification develops to the point it can be identified in dirt without bone, she will have the samples from the various locations preserved. Dlana could not store all of the dirt, so with the lesser registering remaining dirt ~still “Gina’s dirt”, she built a new “Gina’s flower garden” which quickly “danced” with perfect blooms. The grave became a garden. the dry bones came alive even if just bone dust.

WE DID FIND BONES collected from a place in the woods found using the quantum oscillator, confirmed by the HRD dogs alerting to presence of decomposition. A place verified by a family member as Epperly’s favorite childhood hunting grounds—A place I call the Psalms 23 Valley. A place where there should be no human remains that are a familial match to Gina.”

July 2020

We have been very surprised regarding the seemingly impossible places discovered. Places that align with Epperly and what we now know about him. Some of these places could not have been derived from any informational source. Eight Places have been identified, and then validated by certified human remains detection canines taken to the same areas in January that the instrument identified in November as having Gina’ s organic matter left behind. The specialized trained dogs from Peace River Search & Rescue are phenomenal. Two dogs confirmed human remains in those already “instrument-identified” areas. Some dogs are better at detecting “older cadaver” odor. I have seen other dogs work on multiple occasions since 2016. What I witnessed with these dogs in January 2020, working and confirming the various areas that aligned with what was already pinpointed with the instrument was amazing. Two of the 8 places register for Gina only - her DNA left behind - no bone and the dogs still capable of alerting...McCoy Road - A place Gina must have bled significantly from her fight, something small still remaining after forty years, and these dogs knew. Gina is not ‘Buried’ in all eight places. Only 6 of the 8 register - not only for Gina, but also for Caucasian bone as being present and one other place with a very small mass of bone present. These places with tiny bone mass could be there because of animal or bird transfer, but Gina is still there...three of the 6 places involve water and will be difficult to excavate, but not impossible. And one of the relevant 6, we have already excavated and human bone was found in the exact place identified. There will be a next excavation, and it would be beneficial to have the authorities more involved especially with one of the specific sites so that maybe someone can then charge Epperly with dismemberment and just maybe keep him imprisoned while we continue to discover his other victims so their families can have the peace that only comes from knowing truth, even if that truth is heartbreaking.

Remember the January request by Dlana to have state authorities join the team to witness the Human Remains Detection dogs work the 8 area’s of interest. One of the excuses given to Dlana as to why they would not participate was a recent, prior use of the state’s limited resources to follow up on a lead. The Lieutenant stated that a “wild goose chase” lead was reported and the state had to bring in divers to follow up on that lead - a lead that came in because of the increase in the recent “public forums” surrounding Gina’s case. So a random person calls in and says he “thought he saw someone that looked like Steve Epperly down along the New River near the trestle...” and the state responded with divers. Dlana politely informed the state police that that specific area would have been documented throughly since it was one of the first areas searched in 1980. Dlana agreed - total waste of money and could have easily been avoided, but it should not be held against the Hall family when they finally, after 40 years, came to the authorities and asked for help. A quote from a podcast interview of author Ron Peterson- “State police resources were brought in to look, as well as a few other sites.”

July 13, 2020

Statement from Virginia State Police

Dlana’s email regarding Ron Peterson

Personal Opinion regarding this disrespectful post:

Finally, after four decades, a fair and unbiased tv news report was released regarding Gina’s True Story and our success. The report included information about finding fragments of Gina’s bone using new technology that we have full confidence in. Immediately, a person not related or connected to the Hall family, a person who has a financial interest in “the old composed story”, made a derogatory public statement regarding the work being done.

“Up until this point, my personal concerns of inaccurate misrepresentations regarding me personally were being handled privately. Now, I will no longer remain silent. I will defend and prove what I know to be true.”

Here is Dlana’s response to the many people who forwarded copies of their “concerns and comments made regarding this specific, biased derogatory remark made by Under the Trestle fb page.

“Thank you to everyone for your uplifting and kind comments sent to us yesterday - and for those many advocates of Gina’s who sent copies of your comments made to another site’s unfortunately biased post. And even though many of your heartfelt comments were blocked, the Hall family saw them and we are appreciative.”

And, Dlana’s response to UTT and the disrespectful actions:

“Why would Ron Peterson who claims to care about Gina Renee Hall or her family take it upon himself to Do as he did if he is a spokesperson for the Hall family, which he is not.”

I will say this once again - YES...I have Fragments of Gina’s bone and my Virginia State Police contact is aware. I am Gina’s sister who has spent four decades and four intense years getting to this point. Anyone familiar with all of our discoveries knows TRUST is an obvious issue. So I will take every precaution to preserve the bones I have recovered. We are working diligently on researching a lab capable of working with small bone fragments, and not only detecting “human DNA” in the dirt, which can now be done, but also in identifying the human DNA as specifically “Gina’s decomposition”. There is a lab in Germany that is making advancements in this area and being used in other cases. Advancements in forensic DNA are amazing—It is just matter of time. I have complete confidence in the Dr. and his instrument in regards to its capabilities and the truth it has given us. Whatever is done with Gina’s remains that I have recovered will ultimately be my decision. I will make the best decision when I am finished...And really, I owe no one any answers ....I answer to God. And sometimes, God has His own plan and it seems part of that plan is to share the, I do so for the many people who really care about Gina and want to know the truth.
Certainly a fair question to ask - What is the motivating factor behind yesterday's actions? Why would any non-family member take it upon himself to call Va State Police Regarding our work and then post that our work could not be verified and continue to disrespect me personally when stating that I was not working with VSP in an official capacity...

Maybe this will shed LIGHT....

This comment below was made with concern to address this person and this comment of many sent to Dlana in a caring fashion by those who are Gina's advocates...a comment calling those who claim to be For Gina accountable for their statements to Dlana and the Hall family ....

First, this is how Dlana crossed paths with this advocate of Gina....

“I met this nice lady once at the RU bookstore when I gave her a box of my books to give away to anyone, anywhere, especially our youth encouraging them to read and Pass on - Sharing Gina’s story...maybe even saving a life...No coincidences about “The Plan” and these amazing crossing of paths of people in the journey...her comment below, spoken from her heart for Gina, speaks volumes of right and wrong. She boldly questions the derogatory post - wanting an answer, just like many of Gina’s true advocates ... "

This is the message I received yesterday, one of many from random people just wanting me to Personally know of their reaction, their posted yet blocked Comments, and obviously, their frustration....

Below is a copy of her comment:

Dlana, My response to Under the Trestle post made tonight trying to make the bone discovery seem like a hoax.

“Why do you continually try to put down everything Dlana does to try to find Gina’s body? She has put more time, effort, and money into trying to find her sister than anyone else. Why do you feel the need to make others believe you know more than Gina’s own sister? She and her family have lived through the hell of losing Gina and no one telling what they did with her body. Shame on you for trying minimize the discovery of bone fragments. Dlana would love to have help in proving the DNA of the bone fragments by authorities. Why aren’t they helping instead of saying they have no proof. I enjoyed your book but the way that you try to make others doubt Gina’s sister is uncalled for. Dlana has read the transcripts thoroughly and has found many discrepancies in what was said in statements in the file vs. what was told under oath. She also found discrepancies in what Mr. King said in court versus the call he made to her when he found out about her publishing a book about the murder. Why do you not mention any of these things when you are trying to put down Dlana and the work she continues to do to find her sister?

Thank you to those who keep me informed....Keep me going... A Lot of truth is coming to LIGHT.

July 29, 2020

Lebanon News newspaper, banner story about Gina Hall

“The article “After 40 Years, Pieces Continue to Fall Into Place in the Gina Hall Case” covers every answer to every question I have been asked about our recent progress
and because they were so thorough, the article got it right!!! It details our search activities from November to current.”
(Actual article can be found on the News & Event page.

August 11, 2020

“On to the next excavation areas. We completed Meadow Creek. The mud will need to be dried, scanned, sifted. We also this day confirmed an area of most significance from a better vantage point. And, Gina is not alone. This location will be the most difficult. We will need authoritative help.”

New Developments