In Loving Memory

One day I made conscious choices to let go and let life happen, and that landed me right there at St. Albans sitting on that bench. A bench built to honor Gina by The Cool Kids Paranormal Ghost Hunters. The plan was always to end up there, but the only way it happened was for me to get out of my own head. Had I stuck to my preconceived, judging beliefs, the day’s events would not have unfolded the same. What I have since learned is there is absolutely no way, right then in that moment, to know if there is a larger plan at work—good or bad.

I now can look back at this split second in time—a crossing of paths that became a significant piece of the journey, just as it was to be experienced, so I could Listen. Learn. Love. Or, maybe the good just “backs up and punts” every day, trying to keep us on the winning side!

Because of that one moment when I let go and let life, we now have an amazing video to contemplate—a perplexing reality of the world we live in. We have a heartfelt message from Natasha, the ghost hunter who always believed her role was to protect Gina, hence the reason behind the bench. A message that is meant for every ghost hunter to hear. But as I always say, those who want to hear will hear, those who do not, will not.

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The Miraculous Journey

The Miraculous Journey

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