Angel Wings

Imagine a dream saving your life. That is exactly what happened to me! I am positive miracles happen to people every day, but while living life and all of its challenges, it seems sometimes we easily miss the miracles. Thank heavens I did not miss this one!

The layers of complexity in The Miraculous Journey, with its many twists and turns, still blows my mind. I am a pretty smart woman, but I could not have orchestrated this masterpiece of miracles even if I had tried!

After a very clear message saved my life on 11-11-16, the doctor ordered rest and recuperation! What better place to do just that than out west visiting with our youngest son. Together, we prepared a delicious Thanksgiving meal, bringing grateful smiles to our day. Then, we headed out for a few more days of submersion in the majestic beauty of God’s canvas. This photo taken in a slot canyon in the beautiful state of Utah is a simple, everyday reminder of the miracle of 11-11—Angel Wings!

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The Miraculous Journey

The Miraculous Journey

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